Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions

Nowadays, most educated people know that even using the same old incandescent light bulbs is quite irresponsible. These lights are just too costly compared to others. So if you wish to cut down on your energy costs, and to do your part as a “green-minded” citizen, here are some of your options for energy efficient lighting solutions. Some are high tech while others are low tech—but they’re all just better than incandescent light bulb technology.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Why pay for electricity when the sun is right there completely free for you to use? Does that even make sense? Besides, sunlight is healthy for you.

So what you can do is minimize your use of artificial light when natural sunlight is available. If you’re building your home or choosing a shop, it’s a very god idea to design large windows which can give you a lot of natural light during the day. You can always limit the amount of light by using blinds or curtains.

Aside from large windows, you can use skylights too. Some of these windows can be automated so you can open them for better ventilation, and close them during inclement weather.

Natural Bedroom Sunlight

Solar Lights

You can also make use of the sun by putting up solar lights, which are especially useful for outdoor lights. You can put them up in your garden and your driveway, and when night time comes the sensors on these lights will sense the lack of ambient light and they can then turn on the solar lights.

These can be very useful indoors as well, especially for hallways and rooms where the lights aren’t accessible near the doors. These lights can give just enough illumination during the late night hours so you can turn on the lights properly in the kitchen. You don’t need to grope your way around when you’re looking for a midnight snack.

Solar Night Lights

Replacing Your Light Bulbs

This is one very easy way to use energy more efficiently so you can cut down on your electricity bills. You can use LED and CFL bulbs that use up less energy, while they also last much longer than their incandescent counterparts.

These lights can also come in different temperatures so that you can pick a bulb to suit your purposes. Warm white lights can go in living rooms and bedrooms to provide a soothing glow, while cool and daylight light bulbs can illuminate workplaces.

Some lights can also work with dimmer controls, so you can get just enough light that you need. You can even simulate a gradual brightening of the light for morning alarms, to wake you up more gently.

Different Energy Efficient Lightbulbs


It also makes sense to turn off lights when you don’t need them. Today, you have several options when it comes to automatically turning lights on or off. Lights can have a timer so you can set a scheduled program for when the lights should be switched on or off.

Some of these lights have “smart features”, which can allow you to turn off the lights with your smartphone eve when you’re in the workplace—or on vacation.

Sensors can also be used. Ambient light sensors can light up the bulbs when it gets dark. Security lights can also be activated by motion detectors.

Light Switch Sensors

With today’s energy efficient lighting solutions, you have both low and high tech options to suit your needs.

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