Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions

Nowadays, most educated people know that even using the same old incandescent light bulbs is quite irresponsible. These lights are just too costly compared to others. So if you wish to cut down on your energy costs, and to do your part as a “green-minded” citizen, here are some of your options for energy efficient lighting solutions. Some are high tech while others are low tech—but they’re all just better than incandescent light bulb technology.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Why pay for electricity when the sun is right there completely free for you to use? Does that even make sense? Besides, sunlight is healthy for you.

So what you can do is minimize your use of artificial light when natural sunlight is available. If you’re building your home or choosing a shop, it’s a very god idea to design large windows which can give you a lot of natural light during the day. You can always limit the amount of light by using blinds or curtains.

Aside from large windows, you can use skylights too. Some of these windows can be automated so you can open them for better ventilation, and close them during inclement weather.

Natural Bedroom Sunlight

Solar Lights

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Different Types of Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

When it comes to trying to cut down your electricity bill, your lighting solutions should be one of the first things you need to focus on. About 8 to 15 percent of the average household electricity bill comes from the use of light bulbs. This is why many homes and offices nowadays are switching to energy efficient light bulbs.

Read on to learn how to save money on energy costs. Maybe you can put those savings into hiring a house cleaning company to save your energy…

Using sunlight is still the most efficient way to get illumination. But when that’s not possible, energy-efficient light bulbs can be used in lieu of traditional incandescent light bulbs. These old bulbs are extremely inefficient. They consume too much power and don’t emit enough light, and they convert too much of that power to heat. That causes them to break down all too soon, which then requires you to buy another expensive bulb right away.

So what should you use as an alternative? Check out your options:

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Different Lighting Solutions

Every home—and business—needs lights to function properly. Nowadays most people are well-informed and responsible enough to replace traditional incandescent light bulbs with alternative lighting solutions.

Replacing incandescent light bulbs with more energy-efficient alternatives is one way to cut down on utility costs. That’s because your lights account for about 18% of a household or workplace’s electricity bill.

These newer alternative light bulbs tend to last much longer, so you won’t have to spend a lot of money buying light bulbs every now and then. In addition, alternative bulbs use energy more efficiently, so you won’t need as many light bulbs as before. 

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